Monday, August 15, 2011

PIMT Pride

PIMT Pride is an expression of who we are and the culture we inhabit at the Institute.  We believe in cultivating a positive and challenging atmosphere to give our students a sense of accomplishment in their studies and in the hard work they put into their education.  Our pride is not one of conceit or a hierarchical sense of dominance, but one of confident students becoming competent Massage Therapists.  It is one that states that our competitors do not have our pedigree.

PIMT Pride is the 90+% retention rate we have every year.
PIMT Pride is the 90+% graduation rate we have every year.
PIMT Pride is the 85+% employment rate we have every year.
PIMT Pride is the continued betterment of our curriculum through constant review and revision
PIMT Pride is the qualified instructional team who offer the best of themselves so that our students do not fear bringing their best
PIMT Pride is the dedication of administration to the life of the Institute
PIMT Pride is the team of supervisors working to make our clinic the best it can be
PIMT Pride is our way of saying "you matter to us, let us show you how much" every minute of every day
PIMT Pride is praising those who succeed and those who exceed expectation
PIMT Pride is encouraging those who are struggling and never giving up, no matter what
PIMT Pride is making a difference now so our students will make a difference in the future of Massage Therapy

As we provide the highest standard of education we will cultivate this culture of pride and accomplishment, looking toward our past, present, and future students with an expectancy of greatness.


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