Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer Fun

Hello again world!  Well, the 2012 graduates are out there working and finding work, contracting their well-honed skills, meeting new people, and helping their clients live a healthier, happier life!  As the Director of the Institute, I feel a sense of awe and pride as I see each graduate start on the road to successful careers.  It always amazes me how dedicated they are to their goals and their client's goals.

This year, we have had a total of 23 graduates, of whom 18 have begun working as Registered Massage Therapists or will be starting within the next couple of weeks, 3 are taking a short break before jumping into work, 1 has decided to go back to school for nursing, and 1 plans to look for work within the next few months.  That means this year we'll have an approximate graduation rate of 91% by the end of the summer!  What a testament to the hard work and effort these graduates have given as well as the value they place on their careers, clients, and education!

I cannot tell you how honoured I am to have known these graduates as well as those of the past 4 years.  The commitment and focus our students must have to complete this program is intense; it creates a sense of confidence and self-worth that very few professions can boast.  As our main focus is the well-being of our clientele - ensuring our treatment is suited to their needs, our atmosphere is conducive to rest and quality of life, and our minds are focused on their personal health goals - our graduates take pride in the experience of communicating with and treating each new and return client with the utmost care and respect...and friendliness!  They will spend countless hours creating the best treatment plan and atmosphere for their clients and I am blessed to be even a small part of their journey.

In closing, I would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to the Institute's graduates, old and new, for your success both inside and out of the Institute.  This is what PIMT Pride is all about!

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