Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Independent Learing - On Campus program

Over the past number of months, we have been working with the Ministry of Education in building and approving a new program: Advanced 2200 Hour Advanced Massage Therapy Independent Learning - On Campus program.  This program has been created to provide the opportunity to become a Massage Therapist while allowing time during the week for other responsibilities.

The 2200 hours is split into two years - approximately 68 weeks -  of 1100 hours.  500 of those hours are completed with online studies and written material (textbooks, etc.) giving approximately 3 hours per weekday; this covers the purely theory classes such as Musculoskeletal Anatomy, Pathology, etc.  500 hours is then dedicated to in class learning of the practical classes (Massage, Hydrotherapy, etc.); these take place on campus on Friday evenings, all day Saturday, and Sunday Mornings.  The last 100 hours per year is the practicum portion, where students practice the techniques in our Teaching Clinic; this takes place on campus under supervision of a Registered Massage Therapist on Sunday afternoons/evenings. 

Each "year" comprises roughly 34 weeks of online and on campus study.  We plan to have a January and September start for the weekend programs, and have started accepting applications for January 2013.  If you are interested, apply online at www.pimtmassage.com to get the ball rolling.

Students interested in this program must have daily access to the internet and at least a basic knowledge of computer skills.  The practical instructor will be available to answer questions and create discussion for the online classes as well, so there is plenty of support for these students.

Tuition for the first year is $8150.00 and textbooks/supplies are approximately $875.00; tuition for the second year is $8100.00 and textbooks/supplies are approximately $600.00.  We have payment plans available as well, so we can fit the needs of our students.

We are also currently offering a tuition and academic credit for Kinesiology graduates for the January 2013 start.  Contact us at saskatoon@pimtmassage.com to learn more.  Nursing and Physiology graduates may also be considered for credit based on an evaluation of prior courses.

We are excited to be offering this option to help expand the field of Massage Therapy and give more opportunity for personal and professional growth to our students.  Contact us for more information.

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