Friday, October 22, 2010

Campus Staff

There are many questions posed to the Institute about what standards we have in areas such as curriculum, safety, and accreditation. The one inquiry that seems to rank the highest is the qualifications of our staff.  Most would like to know that they can rely on the knowledge and experience of their Instructors, the authority and presence of administration, and the understanding of the supervisors.

As an introduction to the next number of posts, we would like to tell you a little about the process in which we decide whether or not an individual is qualified to be a part of our team.  There are two areas that we focus on: educational background and experience.

The first aspect of this process is looking into their educational background.  For all of our practical courses (Massage Theory and Practical, Remedial Exercise, and Hydrotherapy), an instructor must have graduated from a reputable Institute with a minimum of 2200 hours of study (2000 in class and 200 in a practical setting).  If an applicant does not meet this standard, they will not be considered for a position.  For the theory courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Nutrition, Kinesiology, Business, etc.) there are two possibilities: (1) graduation from a 2200 hour Massage Therapy course where the core curriculum meets our own; or (2) graduation from a University with a degree in the area of study for which they will be instructing (with preference given to a Master's Degree).

The second aspect has everything to do with their experience in the field of study (either massage or their degree).  As a minimum standard, we require each instructor to have at lease 1 years worth experience working either as a Massage Therapist or as a Specialist in the area of their degree.  For Massage Therapists, we look at the continuing education they have been through in that year as well as listen to referrals from past employers and references.  We will give preference to applicants who have been employed for more than two years and/or have experience in an instructional position.  For applicants with a University Degree, we take into consideration research papers, presentations, awards, and references as well, again giving preference to those who have instructional experience.

The following number of posts will hopefully give you a better understanding of the people who positively affect the lives of the students who attend this Institute.  Although the staff changes from time to time, the quality of the staff continues to meet and exceed the standards of education in the Private Institutional Field.

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