Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Stress and Studying - Some Helpful Hints

Exams are just over 2 weeks away and students are already starting to plan ahead.  Here are some hints to help while you are putting together your study material:
  1. Be Purposeful - work; intend to listen when you're learning
  2. Be Selective - figure out what you think is important
  3. Get it Right the First Time - if you're unsure, ask!
  4. Understand - if given info, put it into your words, develop your own short hand; try to explain it out lout, write it out, teach it
  5. Organize - make it easy to follow
  6. Recite - hearing it makes it easier to remember
  7. Small Practice Sessions - gives you a higher percentage of information recalled
  • When you plan, you reduce stress
  • Review right away
  • Know material that will be called
  • Study when you're most awake
  • Study the hardest material when you're most alert
  • Take breaks
  • Increased fitness=increased learning

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