Monday, November 8, 2010

Students and Study Techniques

Four Distinguishing Characteristics of a Successful Student:

1. The successful student has a clear educational goal
2. The successful student recognizes that education offers a unique opportunity for intellectual development, and they are willing to subordinate their other concerns to take advantage of that opportunity
3. The successful student has good study skills
4. The successful student has the will to succeed

Helpful Study Techniques
  • Preview material before it is taught; even if you just familiarize yourself with the day's material before class, you will be surprised how much more you understand
  • If you have a series of exams, study for them in reverse order; this way you give adequate time to each exam, not five days for the first, a day for the second, half a day for the third, etc.
  • guess at possible exam questions; sit down and write out answers
  • Form a study group to decide what upcoming exam questions might be; everyone takes a question and prepares an answer: you can then swap answers for studying
  • Do not get behind; if you relax and let things slide for a while, it is usually too late and too difficult to get back on top of things
  • Do an immediate review after class; write things down and make your own notes
DID YOU KNOW?? Two or three hours of efficient study in quiet surroundings does more than ten hours in noisy conditions

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