Friday, June 17, 2011

Looking to the Future

As I was re-organizing the textbook and resources we keep in our library, I came across more study tips and tricks from another reputable author Kevin Patton.  From Mosby publishing came Patton's book "Student Survival Guide for Anatomy & Physiology" 1998, and it surprised me how relevant the information still is to our current and prospective students.

On the inside cover of this little 58 page paper back it says:
"Student Survival Tips for Anatomy and Physiology
1. Have a winning attitude
2. Know your learning style
3. Plan a learning strategy
4. Arrange a suitable study area
5. Plan a reading strategy
6. Analyze your note-taking skills
7. Study actively
8. Use all your resources
9. Prepare for tests
10. Use a test-taking strategy"

So, no matter what education you are taking, these 10 steps can drastically improve the likely-hood you will succeed greatly in your study and test-taking.  Students of all ages, nationalities, and personal preferences should take time to look at their education in view of these steps and consider what they can do better in order to achieve the highest goal possible.

I suggest to any students looking into or already attending Massage Therapy classes to stop by the Saskatoon Campus over the summer to take a look at this book; come, make time to create your educational strategy for the 2011-2012 academic year.

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