Friday, October 28, 2011

PIMT Pride

It has been quite the busy October!  Each year, the first two months of the year are the most packed full of events, excitement, and experiences, and this year has been no exception.  I have included a video of one of the games first years have made to help them remember the material in a positive and enjoyable way!  I hope this gives you an idea about the creative, wonderful students we have this year!

Along with these great ideas, we've gone through our first set of exams this year, and I must say it was very encouraging to see the progress of our first years and the determination of our second years.  Way to go you guys!

In just a couple of days, we'll be spending some time with STC Urban Family Services, volunteering for people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to receive massages!  We are excited to give back to our community.  We'll also be at the University of Saskatchewan in December for Stress-Less!  Come check us out if you're in the area; we'll be beside the library.

At the end of this month, we'll be choosing student reps from each class.  Nominations have been coming in, and voting will take place on Tuesday!  Rep comments to come.

Make sure to check out our website: for info about our upcoming online options!  Calgary campus will be set up for January, Saskatoon will be set up for September.  We also have continuing education credits available at our online campus!  Sign in as a guest to see what we have to offer.

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