Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Mid-Year Excitement

Well, it is coming up to the middle of our year; students are gathering their study notes and are diligently preparing for next weeks midterms and finals!  One of the greatest tools we've found for this more hands-on learning experience is creating information videos in a creative and fun way.  A number of our first years have been putting together videos, and we will sometime record what goes on in class for easy look-back material to study from.  You can find some of this content on YouTube (our channel is called PIMTSaskatoonClass).  We posted the link to our channel on facebook, but here is the link to our channel if you want to see what some of the students have been up to this year.

We are excitedly making preparations to move to our new location (to be announced soon)!  As one of our clinic rooms has been taken over by boxes, we are closing clinic one week early and may keep clinic closed for 1 week after Christmas break, just so we are totally up and running when our clients return!  Keep checking up on us on Facebook and our website to find out what else is new and exciting!!

The deadline for January applications is coming up (this Friday the 10th!!!)  We only have roughly 3 spots left, so if you're thinking about joining us this exciting year, we suggest you get your application in before the weekend!!  The fastest way is to apply online, and you can be sure to hear from us within a couple of days.

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